Bright red fruits of blackberry, strawberry and
cassis mixed with vanilla and chocolate from oak aging.

Loaded with lip smacking ripe cherry, cranberry and
blackfruit with vanilla, smoke and violets

Fresh and vibrant with crisp red fruit characteristics.
Pairs perfectly with out stone fired pizzas.

One of our favourite Malbecs! Loaded with
sumptuous plum and raspberry flavours.

Big and rich with loads of black fruit flavours
that lead to a long unctuous finish

Smooth black currant, cranberry and violets,
framed with toasty oak, vanilla and cracked pepper

Full body. Complex flavours of cherry, mocha,
smokey, coffee, and a long finish.

Medium body, with smoky notes of spice and dark fruits.

Bright notes of blackberry and cherry with hints
of spice and purple flowers. Fresh and easy drinking.

Dry, spicy, leafy berry flavors of plum and
cherry leading to a clean finish.

Round and soft flavours of blackberries,
cherries and black currants

Lip smacking flavours of cherries and
blackberry with a beautiful soft finis.

Classic California Cabernet! Full bodied with juicy black
cherry finishing off with mocha and vanilla

Full body, ripe berries, cassis and hints of sweet
cigar and oak. Long finish.


Both citrus and tropical fruit: guava, pineapple,
lemon and lime, with a clean and refreshing finish.

Crisp and refreshing notes of honeysuckle
and peach.

Light and refreshing. Hints of citrus and green
apple, with a clean finish.

Tropical fruit flavours with a soft lingering finish.

Unoaked, with bright and fresh tropical
fruit flavours.

Ripe peach and apple with hints of ginger.

Light easy drinking flavours of pear and
apple with hints of citrus.

Gooseberry and melon aromas with classic
flavours of zesty lime and ripe melon.


Soft and delicate bubbles with a crisp
apple and citrus finish.

The aroma of just wrinkled, super sweet
golden delicious apples. Mouth filling lacy mousse.

Rich and lively on the palate with green apple
and lemon notes.


Dry with fresh and bright flavours of strawberry and raspberry.


Juicy flavours and aromas reminiscent of
watermelon and pink grapefruit..


A choice of red or white blended
fresh fruits and berries.









Crème De Cacao, Latte, and Whipped Cream

Amaretto, Latte, and Whipped Cream

Sambuca, Latte, and Whipped Cream

Rum, Amaretto, Latte, and Whipped Cream

Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Coffee, and Whipped Cream

Tequila, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Whipped Cream